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      How long does it typically take to receive a response from customerservice?
      If you write us an email, our customer service team will typically get back to you within 1-2 business days.

      Do you have a wholesale site?
      Yes! If you are a wholesaler, please visit us at:

      How do I apply a promo code to my order?
      If the promo code is valid, you can simply enter it at the information stage of checkout and click “apply.”

      Do you ship internationally?
      As we have recently just launched our retail site, we are currently only shipping within the US. As we continue to expand, we hope to offer international shipping in the near future!

      Why was my order cancelled?
      We are sorry to hear that! Your order could be cancelled if the item is suddenly out of stock or if there is an issue with the payment stage of the order. If your order is cancelled you should receive an email within 48 hours explaining what occurred. If you have not heard from us for
      whatever reason, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at

      The item I want is no longer available or out of stock, is there anything I can do?
      You have the option to subscribe to an email that will notify you should the item be back in stock.

      What do I do if I need to make a last minute change to my order?
      If you need to make a last minute change or cancelation to your order, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible. If the order has not shipped yet we will do our best to assist you.

      What is your return policy?
      Please visit the following link for our  refund policy . If you have any additional questions do hesitate to contact our customer service team.

      Where is my order?
      Following your purchase, you should receive a link directly to your email where you will be able to track the status of your shipment.

      What do I do if I received a faulty item, or a wrong color or size?
      We are very sorry to hear that you did not receive what your ordered. This is a very rare occurrence and we will be sure to make it up to you! Please refer to our refund policy on how to make the return, and please write to our customer service team detailing the issue so we can figure out what went wrong and prevent the same issue from occurring in the future.